How I Work

1. Trust

For me Trust is the foremost and base of any engagement. All the brainstorming, sharing and discussions are kept highly confidential. You will experience a very safe and non-judgemental space to share your thoughts with the pure intention of causing transformation.

2. Wholesome approach

Having done the best of the training’s from world class trainers and following top industry practices in my work, I am very much grounded and rooted to my values. I beautifully amalgamate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects to create life altering breakthroughs in people’s life. My work demonstrates reflections of the body, mind and soul rhythmic connections. I focus on the foreground to work with people on becoming internally stronger and cherish to see the results blossoming in their health, relations and professional growth.

3. Self Implemented techniques

All the practices, tools and techniques I use are tried, tested and implemented in my own life along with hundreds of other people who have used them to get life- altering results. Depending on the needs and requirements, different practices are clubbed together to get the desired outcomes. I practise the LEARN-DO-TEACH philosophy.

4. Didn’t work out the last time? Let's try again!

We don’t get stopped by past failures. Achieving what you desire is more important than the approach taken earlier. You will always find me standing by your side to encourage, motivate and energize you to outstretch your limits and reach beyond for achieving the unimaginable.


Deeksha is an amazing listener
Deeksha is an amazing listener! I have only met a rare few people in my life who accept a person as who they are, Deeksha is amongst those rare few in my life. She has always empowered me to make my choices rather than merely suggesting or providing a solution! I am also blessed to have her as a closed friend in my life.

Deeshant Sehra

Director: Prama Retail Solutions
I highly recommend her and feel that she can really add a lot of value
Deeksha is a very effective business coach. She has helped us in better employee engagement by enlisting the dreams, goals and growth plan of each employee an creating a structure to achieve them. Her work has resulted in improved efficiency of people, joy at work and high energy. Employees have started contributing in each others growth an this in turn is helping us grow much faster.

Vishal Parnami

Director at Time Equipment Pvt. Ltd
Deeksha is Creative
Deeksha is Creative, passionate, visionary, Being human changing the world making one to dream to make a change being realistic

Cris Brown

Branch manager at Tata Hitachi, New Delhi
Deeksha is a brilliant key note speaker
Deeksha is a brilliant key note speaker and coach, with in depth knowledge of her subject. Her speaking is as insightful as it is interesting. Her high energy and unique ability to empower the audience help them boost motivation, change their way of thinking and leave them energized and inspired. I really appreciate the way she is working on the mental nourishment aspects and supporting people to live a balanced and happy life. I wish her all the best !

Dr Nisha

Director and HOD Obgy and
Minimally Invasive Gynae Surgery at QRG HealthCity

I highly recommend Deeksha’s wellness session!! I enrolled myself in one of her sessions and it was a good insight on how to work upon myself for a better mental wellness. She keeps in touch after the sessions also to ensure that we are following what was coached one and is available for any support, if required. Great insights in the session, recommend others to join!!

Jasprit Singh

Director - PAN India Operations

I was a Corporate guy who has now ventuted into a startup. Was not prepared for the uncertainities that will crop up repeatedly. I discovred Deeksha’s 20i minute program on LinkedIn and enrolled on a whim. But it turned out to be a life changer for me. I learnt and practised stuff like pranayama and Om meditation along with visualisation which has made me less anxious, more centred and better equipped to handle stress. I reccommend everybody to this course

Kaushhik Banerjee

Co-Founder and CEO at Flutrr

Deeksha is amazing! Never in my life have I ever been so moved to make a change in my behavior. I have tried several psychologists and psychiatrists throughout my life and they either sit there and nod or give you a beat down. Deeksha has a way of pulling what you know in your heart out of you and getting it into your head. I’ve never experienced anything like her before. Talking to her is a life changing experience unlike anything I’ve been able to find before. Thank you Deeksha, you are amazing!

Matt Charnoski

Writer/Recorder/Producer at Music BMI

I did a very productive seven day course on Mental Hygiene. Deeksha is an exceptional coach with a rare combination of high domain knowledge, articulations skills and patience.

Sanjay Sethi

Managing Director and C.E.O: Chalet Hotels Limited

Deeksha is one of the best mentors I have in my entire life. She helped me in building a list of professional, personal, health, and passion goals and priortizing them. We worked together on navigating through many areas using different tools and frameworks, which gave me clarity to focus on the things that are important for my happiness and a fulfilling career. Thanks, Deeksha, for your time and ongoing support!! I highly recommend early and mid-career working professionals to have a mentor such as Deeksha!!

Ankit Jhamb

Strategy and Analytics: Expedia Group | Ex. Government Officer

Hi All, It was indeed a influential discussion with Deeksha. She has a very good grip on mind mapping and developing skill. I got lot of insights while having discussion with her. She is definitely having skills of developing individual strengths like resilience, agility, and self reflection. I can assure that whatever topic you discuss with her, she can be your guiding star. I wish her a lot of success in her journey.

Rrahul Deshakk

Director: Interiors Buiness Unit- Collins Aerospace

In my brief interaction with Deeksha, I found her very diligent, methodical and punctual in her approach. She brings in empathy and deep understanding of the problem statement in all her interactions, which makes her very seasoned and solution oriented. It is very clear that she carries the right set of experience to conduct mentor sessions for leadership roles. I would strong recommend her to those set of people in the industry who are looking for solutions to any leadership related problems. All the best!

Gagan Anand

Corporate VP: WNS Global Services